Tips To Help You Enjoy Your Vineyard Tour

30 May 2023
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Whether you're a casual wine drinker or someone who is completely in love with the beverage, taking a tour of a vineyard is sure to be enjoyable. You get to see how the grapes, which are used to make your wine, grow and are tended to. Many wineries offer vineyard tours, and each one is a little different. In general, though, if you follow these tips, you will have a better time on your wine tour.

Wear comfortable walking shoes

Vineyards can encompass many, many acres. You probably won't walk through the whole thing on a vineyard tour, but you can expect to do a lot of walking in order to see different parts of the vineyard where different varieties of grapes are grown. The ground is often uneven and un-mowed. So, make sure you wear footwear that is suited for this purpose. Sneakers are a good choice. You could wear comfortable boots in cooler weather.

Read a little about the winery beforehand

Before your vineyard tour, spend a little time reading about the winery you'll be visiting. This way, you'll be familiar with some of the big points that will be covered during the tour and can pay more attention to the details. Knowing a little background may also give you more context for the details that the tour guide shares, making them more meaningful.

Look, observe, and ask questions

As you walk through the vineyards, you may see some things that you're not familiar with. Maybe you'll see some vines tied off in a certain way, or maybe you'll see that some grapes are larger than others. Don't hesitate to stop and ask the tour guide about these things. Chances are, others in the group have similar questions, and asking them gives everyone a chance to learn more.

Don't drink too much

Enjoying wine is, of course, a part of most vineyard tours. If you're offered some samples, feel free to sip away! But try to avoid over-indulging in wine during the tour. You want to stay fresh-minded enough to take in the information and enjoy your time out in nature. After the tour is over, you can feel free to drink more.

With the tips above, you can get even more enjoyment out of your vineyard tour. These tours can be wonderful to participate in, whether you see one vineyard or several of them on the same day.