Serving Alcoholic Beverages At Your Wedding

17 June 2022
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There are many features and amenities that you may want to provide to your guests at your wedding. For those that are wanting to serve alcoholic beverages at their wedding and ceremony, there can be some noticeable reasons to hire a catering service that can provide alcoholic beverages for those attending the event.

Professional Alcoholic Beverage Catering Services Can Reduce Liabilities For the Event

While a wedding day is supposed to be a joyful occasion, it is still necessary for individuals to make sure that they minimize the potential legal liabilities that can come with their wedding. One example of this can be the risk of individuals being overserved. This could increase the risk of them being involved in an accident. Additionally, those serving these beverages will have an obligation to avoid serving these beverages to underage individuals. Professional services are trained to ensure that they are complying with the best practices for serving these controlled beverages.

These Providers Can Offer A Range Of Quality Beverages And Products

The guests that are attending your wedding may have a wide range of preferences when it comes to the types of alcoholic beverages that they enjoy drinking. A professional catering provider will have access to a wide range of drinks that can range from beer to exotic spirits. As with other types of catering, you will want to discuss these options with the catering service ahead of time so that you can be sure that the menu has the items that you are wanting to provide your guests while staying within your budget. These services may even offer tasting consultations so that you can experience the quality of their mixed drinks for yourself before you decide whether or not to hire them.

The Alcoholic Catering Service Will Have Basic Space And Set Up Requirements

When you are preparing to hire an alcoholic beverage catering service for your event, knowing the amount of space that will be needed ahead of time can help with choosing a venue. For example, some individuals may want to have a full bar that individuals can visit to order their drinks, but others may prefer table-side ordering. During your planning, you should discuss the option that you are wanting and the amount of space that the catering service will need. Even in situations where table-side service is chosen, there will be a need to have a designated place where the alcoholic beverages can be prepared once they have been ordered.

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