Tips For Shopping At The Discount Liquor Store

15 July 2021
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If you live near a discount liquor store, then you're in luck! Stores like this tend to offer many or most of the same liquors and wines that you could buy at a usual liquor store, but at lower prices. Getting a good deal can be as simple as walking in and paying for something on the shelf. But if you want to truly maximize your savings and get the very best deals, then there are a few more specific tips you can follow.

1. Check various bottle sizes before you buy.

At a usual liquor store, you generally get the best deals by buying the largest bottles. But this is not always true at a discount liquor store. If there was a surplus of certain sized bottles, then the discount store may be selling that size more cheaply, and sometimes the surplus is of smaller liquor bottles. You may be able to buy two 500 ml bottles for less than the price of one 1,000 mL bottle, for instance.

2. Look for rebates.

Most of your savings will generally be due to the lower prices the store offers, but sometimes, there are additional savings available via rebate. Some discount stores place the information for rebates on the shelves with the products, and others keep it behind the cash register. If you don't see rebate information in the store, ask a cashier. Generally, if there is a rebate on a product, you can send the rebate form and a copy of your receipt to the manufacturer, and they'll send you a few dollars back.

3. Consider less popular brands.

Discount stores know that the big brand liquors are going to sell if they are priced even a little below their usual price. But the less-popular, lesser-known brands can be harder to sell, so discount liquor stores tend to offer these at a deeper discount. Don't hesitate to try a new brand; you can often do so for a fraction of the price of the big brand. There are a lot of smaller-batch, less common liquors that are incredible but just don't market themselves as extensively as the big, national brands.

Buying your liquor at a discount store is a great way to save. If you look for rebates, consider lesser-known brands, and pay attention to bottle sizes. This way, you stand to save even more. To learn more, contact a discount liquor store.